Monthly Archives: March 2019

Saturday March 30th

IMG_1841 IMG_1839 IMG_1840Captain Matt reported a slightly better day on the cod grounds. We had decent weather in the morning before the wind came up around lunch time. We were able to get a few fish in the boat but the bite ended as soon as it started. A handful of keepers up to 12 pounds made it in to the coolers. Some shorts in the mix that went to swim for another day. NO sail tomorrow and we are keeping an eye on the week

On a side note we do try and take reservations on all the trips. We really want to make sure we have a solid head count to make sure we will be getting off the dock for the day. We would hate tell people we have enough and then come morning we have a bunch of no shows and people drive down for nothing. When you make a reservation please keep it, If you have to cancel please call and let the office know.

Friday March 29th

Captain Matt reported a slower day on the cod grounds. The weather man blew the forecast yet again and made for less then ideal conditions. Only a few fish made it in to the boat. Tomorrow is another day and we will give it another try.

Thursday March 14th

Captain Mike reported a slower day on the cod boat. We had another picture perfect weather day but could not get a bite to start. We had a great group of anglers who really put the time in at the rail for a small catch. Only a hand full of keepers and a few handfuls of shorts rounded out the catch today. We will have no trip tomorrow and we are keeping an eye on the weekend.

Wednesday March 13th

Captain Mike reported another perfect weather day on the full day cod boat. We had a great turn out of anglers who wanted to get in on some warm weather cod fishing. We found some fish right of the bat close to home. We worked the area until the bite ended. We did some searching around and found some fish here and there. We also found some ling and some cunners in the mix. We ended with a decent bag of keepers to 12 pounds. There was a great showing of shorts in the mix as well. Fishing only seems to be getting better and better with every trip and we will me sailing tomorrow morning at 6am.IMG_1790 IMG_1793 IMG_1791 IMG_1792 IMG_1794

Saturday March 9th

IMG_1781 IMG_1778 IMG_1779 IMG_1780Captain Matt was happy to report a decent day on the local cod ground. We sailed this morning with our new 6am sailing time with a great turn out of anglers who wanted to break the cabin fever. With the sun coming up as we left the dock we deiced to try some wrecks close to home. We found some nice green fish and some nice shorts. After that dried up we did some search around on open bottom for bait. We found some and set the boat loose. first drift on the fish had some keepers and nearly 20 shorts come over the rail. We worked the area for another few hours with only manged a few more shorts. All in all it was a good day with close to home green fish. No fishing tomorrow but we will be ready to sail next weather window.

Friday March 8th

We plan on sailing tomorrow morning at 6am for codfish. The weather looks great and temps will be close to 50!! break the cabin fever and join us . Dont read the report… Make the report