Monthly Archives: February 2020

Monday Feb 24th

20200224_ 20200224_ 20200224_ 20200224_Captain Mike reported a better day on the cod grounds. 55 degree and 5-10kt winds at the end of February is unheard of. We worked mostly wrecks and rock piles and found good results. We picked away all day and by days end we had a respectable catch The weather for tomorrow looks good before the rain pushes in late. No trip tomorrow and the rest of the week doesnt look good

Sunday 2/23

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Captain Mike reported an okay day on the cod grounds. The early bite we tired to capitalize on never happened. We did some bouncing around and found a few fish to work on. We did work an area towards the end of the trip which did have the best results. Still marking lots of bait but the water was on the dirty side. Trying to sail tomorrow morning at 5am by reservation. Call the office before 6pm today.

Saturday 2/22

We will be sailing tomorrow morning. We are going to leave early to hope to get in on the “night” bite. The boat will be sailing at 3am by reservation. the office is open until 5pm today.

Monday Feb 17th

Captain Greg reported a very tough day on the grounds. The weather was great but the fish just were not interested. We set up show on huge piles of bait but nothing was home. We bounced around but just could not get something going. Toward the end of the day we found a small handful, but overall very slow. No trip tomorrow and we are keeping an eye on the rest of the week.

Sunday Feb 9th

Captain Mike reported a tough grind on the grounds today. We steamed out with high hopes with the fresh bait. We set up on the grounds and started cracking shells. We picked a few keepers but that was about it. The wind from the weekends weather really stirred up the water. It was a nice brown color all day long. Once things calm down and the water settles we think it should rebound. NO trip tomorrow due to the heavy south west but we are keeping an eye on the end of the week.

Monday Feb 3rd

No trip tomorrow but we are hoping to get back out Monday with the moon


Captain Mike reported a very slow day on the grounds. The ground swell from yesterday seem to really shut down the bite. Only a small handful of cod were caught. NO sail tomorrow but back at it Wednesday

Sunday Feb 2nd

We are trying to sail tomorrow morning at 4am by reservation. The office is open until 6pm tonight or you can book online at


Captain Mike reported a slower day on the grounds. We had a large ground swell that we had to deal with. The morning bite did have the best action but it quickly died. We will be back at it tomorrow at 4am. Office will open at 3am for ticket and tackle sales