Monthly Archives: August 2020

Monday Aug 31st

Sea bass limit will go up to 7 fish per person tomorrow!!

The tuna trip has been canceled due to the weather


Captain Rich reported a flat clam day on the local grounds. We had all of the drift yesterday and none of it today. We hopped around from place to place looking for a drift but could not get a good one started. We had an easy sea bass limit to 5 pounds. A few handfuls of fluke to 6 pounds.Tomorrow looks like a much better drifting day.


Captain George reported better fishing after the slow weekend. We picked away on nice sea bass to 4 pounds and fluke to 4 pounds. There was good action to keep rods bending. The morning did see better action then the afternoon. The faster drift tomorrow should help even more with the catching.

Sunday Aug 30th

We are keeping a close eye on the weather for the upcoming tuna trip on Tuesday. We will be making the weather call tomorrow in the early afternoon


Captain Greg reported very tough fishing on the half day boat. We had much more wind the forecasted. We did our best to try and get fish over the rails but they were just hunkered down. We will be back at it tomorrow on the Admiral Frances.

Friday Aug 28th

Captain Rich reported a very solid day on the full day boat. We worked a new area and found some hungry fish . Many anglers left with limit catches or just shy of one. Everything that you threw at the fluke they ate. Biggest fish was around 7 pounds. We also managed a easy boat limit of jumbo sea bass to 5 pounds. We will be sailing tomorrow. It does look a little wet but we will sailing.

Thursday Aug 27th

Captain Greg reported a decent night on the combo trip. We had a very fast drift in the first part of the night. We put on the heavy lead and long leaders and started picking away. We did have one monster doormat just shy of 12 pounds. Once the wind died and the tide eased the squid started coming to the surface. Those who fished for them went home with a nice haul.


Captain Rich reported a improved day on the full day grounds. We had a light crowd who didnt mind a few rain drops. We had a limit of sea bass and a good showing of fluke. High hook did leave with both a fluke limit and a sea bass limit. Biggest fish on the day was a solid 8 pound fish. Plenty of room tomorrow.


Captain Greg reported a slower pick on the half day boat. The tide has been very strong after moon tide we have had. There has been alot of fish around but the little guys seem to be chewing the hardest. High hook did have a limit of sea bass. Biggest fluke was a solid 8 pound fluke. We have room tomorrow.


We are keeping a close eye on the weekends weather with Laura. We will be contacting if there is any cancellations due to the weather.


The first tuna trip will be sailing on Tuesday Morning at 7am. Due to the covid regulations regarding food we will not have the galley open for hot food.

Wednesday Aug 26th

Captain Greg reported much improved fishing on the half day grounds. Yesterday was just an off day. We picked away on keeper and short sea bass all trip long. Some anglers reported catching upwards of 20 fish. The afternoon did see a much faster drift and fishing was just slightly slower. Still have plenty of room on tomorrows trips.


Captain Mike reported another OK day on the full day grounds. The fishing was better then yesterday but was still off on the fluke side. The sea bassing side on the other hand was just fine. A full boat limit of nice keepers to 5 pounds. Biggest fluke on the day was 6 pounds.

Tuesday Aug 25th

Captain Rich reported a slower day on the fluke then the last few weeks. We had a very fast drift to deal with all day long. We picked away a few nice keepers but very off from what we have been seeing. We had a boat limit of sea bass and then some. Biggest fish was 5 pounds


Captain Keith and George reported slow days on the half day grounds. It was like a whole different world today then the past few months. We caught some nice keepers and a good amount of shorts. Tomorrow is another day and we will try it again.

Monday Aug 24th

123_1 (4) 123_1 (5) 123_1 123_1 (1) 123_1 (2)Captain Mike reported a very good day on the full day boat. We sailed with a light group of anglers very eager to get in on this good fishing. We had fishing coming over the rail from start to finish. Many anglers left with limits of fluke and sea bass. Biggest fluke on the day was around 7 pounds. Many sea bass in the 3-5lb range.

Sunday Aug 23rd

Captain Rich reported very good fluke fishing the last 3 days. We have been seeing some of the best fishing of the season this past week. Many anglers leaving with limit catches or 1-2fish shy. The sea bass fishing has just been silly with full limits in a drift or two. Anything you throw at the bottom has been working. Biggest fluke have been around 8 pounds with many fish in the 5-7lb range.We have plenty of room on the upcoming week but they should fill up quick

Saturday Aug 22nd

Captain Keith reported a better chip of fish on the morning half day. We had much less wind to deal with today and hungry sea bass. We chipped away drift after drift and put a good catch together. Many happy anglers left with sea bass limits. Biggest fish on the day was 5 pounds.



Captain Greg reported a good pick of fish on the morning half day trip. We picked away on a good pile of sea bass and fluke. Many anglers left with easy sea bass limits. The morning did see the best action before the wind came up around 11. Soem fluke in the mix to 5 pounds. Both trips are sold out tomorrow but there is still a few spots on Sunday