Monthly Archives: October 2020

October 31st

No trips tomorrow. Everyone have a Safe and Happy Halloween


Captain Mike reported a good day on the tog grounds. We found plenty of life to work on every single drop. High hooks left with easy limit catches. Biggest fish on the day was 8 pounds. The next few days look rather windy and we will be tied to the dock.


Captain Rich reported a tough day on the cod ground. We found lots of grey and big ones. We did our best to avoid them but it seemed with had a magnet on. We did manage to work on some piles of nicer sea bass for a full boat limit. Those who jigged seemed to stay away some and high hooked boated 3 nice cod. Pool fish was around 10 pounds.

October 28th

No trips tomorrow or Friday due to the weather. We are keeping an eye on the weekend


Captain Greg reported a decent day despite the weather on the cod boat. Light winds and 20% chance of rain turned in to rail all day and blowing 20. We picked every where we tried but the dog fish seemed to follow us all day. We had a mixed bag of scup, cod, and sea bass. Biggest cod on the day was around 12 pounds.

October 27th

Boat boats will be sailing tomorrow morning.


Captain Mike reported a good day on the blackfish grounds. High hooks had limit catches and passed fish out to other who were less fortunate. Biggest fish on the day was around 8 pounds. BAit rigs and jigs worked well.

October 26th

Sailing at 6am tomorrow for blackfish on the Lady Frances. Plenty of room reservations are booked online


Captain Mike reported a very windy day on the tog grounds. We worked a few areas closed to home to hide. We picked a few fish on every drop we tried. High hook managed a limit. Biggest fish was 7 pounds. Sailing tomorrow with much nicer weather at 6am.

October 25th

One boat sailing tomorrow morning at 6am for blackfish.


Captain Mike reported a good chip on the tog grounds. the morning did see the best action with limit catches on the first drop. We chipped away throughout the rest of the day with both keepers and shorts. A few fish around 8-9lbs battled for the pool. Sailing tomorrow with a light crowd at 6am

October 24

Sailing boats boats tomorrow. 6am for blackfish and 7am for cod and sea bass.


Captain Miek reported a good day on the tog grounds. We picked away all day log but they were very spread out. High hooks did leave with a full limit. Other did not fair as well on the keeper front but the shorts were out again in force. BIggest fish was around 8 pounds for the pool.

October 23rd

Captain Rich reported a very good day on the grounds. The forecast was wrong yet again and we had flat calm drifting weather. Full coolers around the boat and everyone going home with smiles. High hook on the cod went home with 5 and a limit of sea bass. Full boat limit of sea bass and all the scup you could want. Biggest cod was in the mid teens. Sold out tomorrow but some spots left left on Sunday



Captain Mike reported a good day as well. We had a boat limit of fine tog and did some catch and release. Still putting the smack down on plenty of shorts to keep rods bent. A few fish around 8 pounds battled for pool honors.Sailing tomorrow at 6am with a few spots left. Spots can be booked online at

October 22nd

Captain Mike reported a solid day on the grounds. We had ours first full boat limit of the season. We were able to finally get away from the shorts we have been catching and put a beat down on some keeper. Biggest was around 8lbs. Sailing tomorrow morning with plenty of room. Book online!!!


Captain Greg reported a good day of catching on the Cod grounds. We took a longer ride today to try and hide from the scup onslaught of the last few days. We for stellar sea bass fishing mixed in with some ncie cod fish. Easy limits around the boat of fish to 6 pounds. Biggest cod was in the mid teens. Sailing tomorrow with a few spots left. Saturday is already sold out but some room on Sunday.

October 21st

Captain Greg reported another very good day on full day cod grounds. We started catching from first whistle till the last 3. When you drop your bait down you dont what your gonna bring up even a fat 32″ fluke! High hooks on the cod boxed 8 keepers. An easy boat limit of sea bass and all the scup you could want. Sold out tomorrow but plenty of room this week.


Captain Mike reported a decent day on the black fish grounds. IT was a slow grind all day on the keepers but the shorts were out in force yet again. Once angler reported catching 45 shorts. High hooks had limits. Sailing tomorrow morning at 6am


IMG_0662 FullSizeR IMG_0660



October 20th

IMG_1117 IMG_1121IMG_1116 IMG_1484We will be sailing both boats tomorrow morning at 6am and 7am. There looks to be a little bit of weather towards the end of the week. Calling for light winds and fishing has been hot. Dont get left at the dock


Captain rich reported a great day of catching. IT was drop and reel fishing for most of the day. We sailed in a light rain with a great group of anglers. We had cod, sea bass, blue fish and all the scup you could want. High hooks were on the jigs with 7 cod and a sea bass limit. Those who wanted to target scup had limit catches. Biggest fish was in the mid teens


Captain Greg reported a solid chip on blackfish all day. Nearly a full boat limit by days end. Many many shorts in the mix with a solid 7:1 short to keeper ratio. Biggest fish was just shy of 9 pounds. Sailing tomorrow with a light crowd with plenty of room