Sunday November 12th

Captain Mike reported a fantastic day on the blackfish grounds. The boat had a healthy turn out with the amazing forecast today. We normally do not get less then 5kts of wind in middle of November. The fishing was rock solid from the first drop to the last. Many limits all around the boat with more then 200 keepers were boated. The shorts were out in full force with some angler reporting catching upwards of 40 fish. Biggest blackfish of the day was 11 pounds. There were a few cod in the mix as well in to the mid teens.

Captain Rich reported a picture perfect drifting day on the cod grounds. The only problem was the loads of dogfish. Once we could get away from the sharks, we found piles of hungry sea bass. Nearly a full limit of bomber sea bass closing in on 6 pounds. Less scup then we have been seeing but, there is still plenty for those who target them. A few cod in the mix but nothing to special. We will have no trip tomorrow but Wednesday looks like the next sail day on cod. Please be sure to call and make a reservation on any upcoming trip.


There will only be one boat sailing tomorrow morning at 6am for blackfish.