Sunday June 10th

Captain Mike reported a very good night on the squid boat. The night started out slow but once it started it was lights out. The squid were on the smaller side but they came in all sizes. It takes alot of catching to fill bucket full of 6 inch squid. We will be sailing next week as well Wednesday, Friday,Saturday night.


Captain Rich reported another good day on the full day boat. The fishing were not at spread out as we would have liked but those who caught did very well. High hooks had limits of fish. The amount of bait around is out standing and as long as the sand eels stick around we should keep catching. There was quite a bit of action on the shorts as well. IF the size was 18″ we would have had another 50 keepers.  We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am.IMG_0476 IMG_0534 IMG_0525 IMG_0521 IMG_0504 IMG_0522 IMG_0510 IMG_0499 IMG_0508 IMG_0514 IMG_0511