Wednesday Aug 1st

Captain Matt reported a good day on the full day fluke boat. Action wasnt hot and heavy but it was steady all day long. It was a few fish every drift that added up to a very good catch. Nearly everyone is going home with a limit of fluke to 8 pounds. There was all the sea bass you wanted to catch as well. The weather looks like it will have a fast drift tomorrow and captain and crew will be at the dock.

Captain Mike reported a decent morning on the half day. We had a slow drift to start the day off but by the end it was right where we like it. Some quality fluke in the mix with 2 fish over 28″ making it in to the nets. Many anglers left with sea bass limits. The afternoon saw very good fishing with some anglers stopping because they just didnt wanna reel any more fish in. We will have both half day trips tomorrow at 8am and 1pm.