Thursday August 16th

Captain Greg reported a OK night on the bass boat. The fish bit early with the tide. We had a few fish after the slack but it was just only okay. Biggest fish of the night was 25 pounds. Our next trip is scheduled for Friday at 7pm.


Captain Greg reported a decent day on the full day fluke boat. The weather was just outstanding but this did make for a slow drift. Those who worked the jigs did quite well. High hooks left with limits of fluke and sea bass. Biggest fish of the day was just shy of 8 pounds. Those who put on small hooks and small baits caught all the scup they wanted and a pile on nice sea bass to 5 pounds. Bucktails and gulps caught the most fluke but the long rigs caught the most sea bass and scup. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am.


Captain Mike reported decent morning on the half day trips. The slower drift really helped with the catch of sea bass. High hook is leaving with a limit of sea bass. Only a handful of fluke made it over the rails today. There is plenty of shorts around to keep the rods bent inbetween keepers. We will have both trips tomorrow at 8am and noon