Monday November 19th

We still have a few spots left on tomorrows 50/50 trip. This trip will be sailing at 5am and will be 100$ for the ticket and 100$ for the pool. The pool is mandatory. This will be the only blackfish trip tomorrow. We will have our normal schedule back on Wednesday.


Captain Rich reported an OK day on the sea bass grounds. Anglers leaving with limits but not everyone. Some nice cod in the mix but overall not the numbers we would like to see. It was slower then the last 2 trips but there was lots of signs of life but no chew. Next trip is scedhuled for Wednday at 6am


Captain Mike reported alot of searching around today for a decent pile of fish. We took the ride back to the east in hopes the water had cleared but it had not. We worked around pile to pile and found a few but never a solid chew. Tomorrow is the 50/50 trip and Mikes has a list of spots to try and find the monsters.