Wednesday June 24th 2015

Capt. Mike reported much improved fishing today. Biggest fish was a solid 8 lb slab and there were other nice jumbo fish recorded over 4 lbs. No limits but some anglers had several nice fluke apiece to take home, for example longtime regular Lou from Niantic CT boxed five keepers to 6 lbs and so on. Plenty of short fluke and lots of big sea bass keeping the catch and release side of things alive and well. Tomorrow looks like great weather again and Capt. Rich will set sail at 7am aboard the Gail Frances.

Two half days on tap for tomorrow, both on the Lady Frances with the first set to sail at 8am and the second at 1pm with Capt. Mike at the helm. Back to back half days can an angler $15 off the second trip of the day! Today’s morning half day trip found some nice keepers, some shorts and some catch and release sea bass action. This afternoon’s trip found mostly QUALITY fluke for the anglers aboard with just a handful of shorts along with some amazing catch and release sea bass action and big ones to throwback to boot! A few fluke in the 6 lb range for biggest fish this afternoon according to Capt. Matt.