Wednesday June 6th

Captain Matt was at the helm of the Lady Frances and reported slower fishing on the fluke grounds. The wind we had from the weekend really turned up the water and left a pretty nasty ground swell. The fluke bite was way off from what we have been seeing. Only a few hand fulls of keepers were baoted. The sea bass fishing on the other hand was out of this work with hundred and hundreds of fishing being caught and released. It is only a matter of time till we can keep them. Our next sailing day will be on Thursday at 7am on the Grail Frances.


Sunday June 3rd

Captain Mike reported a slower night on the squid boat. The wind and tide kept the squid hard to the bottom and not feeding. The weather looks nicer this upcoming week and we plan to sail Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Captain Mike reported slower half day fluke trips. The strong northeast winds made the boat fly across the fluke grounds. The fluke didnt seem to keen on chasing baits moving past them at over 2kts. Our next half day trip will be on Saturday at 8am.

Captain Rich reported much of the same action as the full day fluke. Fast drift and strong winds.  Those who switched to the long fluke ride did produce some keepers but it was slower over all for the day. High hook had 4 keepers. There will be no trip tomorrow and we are keeping an eye on the rest of the week. Always call to make a reservation and to check the conditions.

Saturday June 2nd

Captain Rich reported a fast drift day on the full day fluke boat. The morning did have the best action and then the wind came on earlier. High hook had 5 keepers. The biggest fish of the day was just shy of 10 pounds. Bucktails worked the best in the morning. We are planning on sailing at 7am.

Captain Mike reported a very healthy turn out on the anglers on the morning half day. We did have some nice action the keeper fluke to 7 pounds. The action was off from what we have been seeing on the beach. The shorts seemed to take a low profile this morning. We are planning on sailing tomorrow morning at 8am.

June 1st

Captain Matt reported another solid day on the fluke boat. Thick fog all day made for a rather wet day but the fish didnt care. The sandeels on the grounds was outstanding stacked up 40 foot thick!!! They were so thick there was a pod of humpback whales snacking all day long. The fluke fishing was good as well with high hooks having limits. Plenty of fish in the 4-6 pound range with the biggest being around 8 pounds. Tomorrow we will be sailing on the Gail Frances at 7am.

Thursday May 31st

Captain Mike reported the squid fishing was a little on the slower side last night. We think it had something to do with the full moon and the tides. Those who fished hard caught nearly 3/4 of a bucket with others only a had a few. We are planning on sailing Friday and Saturday night at 7pm by reservation.


Captain Rich reported a strong day on the fluke grounds. No wind and all tide drift made for some hungry fluke. Bucktails were on the back burner today and the longer rigs really shined. High hooks went home with limits and many people very close. Pool fish was around 9 pounds. Plenty of fish that were just short to keep the rods bent. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am on the Lady Frances.

Wednesday May 30th

IMG_1140 IMG_1141 IMG_1139Captain Matt reported a prefect day on the full day fluke boat. Bright blue sky and flat clam seas. We are happy to report our first double digit fish of the year!!! Fishing very much improved over the last 3 days. High hooks went home with limits and most guys had around 3. Great quality of fish today with a few in the 6-8 pound range and alot in the 4-5lb range. We will be sailing tomorrow at 7am on the Gail Frances.

Tuesday May 29th

Captain Matt called in to report a decent day on the full day boat. He deceived to head back to the east with the wind forecast, but the wind never came. The day over all was fantastic day to be on the water. The morning started off with nearly perfect drift conditions. Bucktails and long leader rigs both produced well. When the tide eased the bucktails were king yet again. High hooks had limits. Our next sailing will be tomorrow at 7am on the Lady.

Monday May 28th

Captain Greg reported a decent morning on the half day fluke trips.  After a windy few days it finally dropped out and we picked away a  some nice keeper fluke close to home. High hook had 2 keeper and plenty of people went home with dinner. Out next half day trip will be on Saturday at 8am.

Captain Rich reported a better day on the fluke boat. The wind died out and then sun came out make for a nice day on the water. The drift today was much more manageable then the 2 knots we dealt with all weekend long. High hook had a limit of keepers. There was also a good showing of sea bass that were all returned. This is a good sign and the count down to the sea bass opener has started. Our next trip will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am on the Lady Frances

Sunday May 27th

Captain Greg reported another decent night on the squid boat.We had a great crew of anglers on for the holiday weekend. The wind laid down and it turned in to a very night night. The squid started coming over the rail as soon as the jigs went in the water. The bite was spread out with high hooks having more the half a bucket full. All in all the night turned out very will. Our next squid trip will be sailing Wednesday at 7pm.


Captain rich reported a wet day on the full day fluke boat. The rain and the wind kept coming and never let up. We took the ride to the east today to try and hide from some of the wind. There was a nice pile of fish waiting in the river for us. High hook had 4 keepers. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am