Monday Oct 8th

Captain Rich reported a rather sporty day on the full day cod boat. The weather man blew the forecast yet again. We got the ride and threw the hook. We rode the swing out and manged to chip away through out the day. A few nicer cod in the mix with 3 fish in the 12 -15 pound range. Those who stuck it out at the rail managed to catch some nice seas bass with many limits. Less size quality on the sea bass. It was a very tough bite today. The front of the boat did to miles better then the stern. Our next schedule cod trip is on Wednday at 7am


Captain Matt reported a decent long range tuna trip. We ended up sailing with a very light crowd of anglers in hope of one last bite before we wrap it up for the season. We ended with an Ok catch on some longfins and the mahi. The night bite was slow yet again with no yellows. We did manged to catch a few short sword fish and 1 mako that was released due to the increase in size limit.

Sunday October 7th

We will have one boat sailing tomorrow at 7am for Cod, Sea bass and Scup.


Captain Mike reported a decent day on the full day boat. We started out the morning with less then ideal not forecasted conditions. The morning started out with alot of nice scup and sea bass. Many anglers are going home with good size bag of scup and limits of sea bass. Quite a few sea bass in the 4-5 pound range. A decent showing of cod up to 15 pounds. We are also seeing a decent amount of short fish in the mix as well. At the end of the day it added up to a decent catch with bent rods all day long

Saturday October 6th

Captain Rich reported an OK day on the cod grounds. The morning started off with a very large ground swell and some dirty water. We did anchor up and get some cod coming but not a real solid bite. The scup fishing was just OK and some anglers limited out on the sea bass. Bait was the way to go. Tomorrow as yet another nice day in the forecast and we will be sailing at 7am on the Gail frances.

October 5th

Captain Matt reported an up and down day on the early season blackfishing. Iy was rougher then forcasted and did not drop out. The first few spots in the shallows had dirty water and slow fishing. The spots in the deeper water were loaded with scup. It was a pretty slow grind all day but we ended up OK For early October. We will Be starting blackfishing full time next week so be on the look out.

Wednesday October 3rd

Captain Matt reported a slower day of fishing. We had to deal with a huge ground swell which drastically effected fishing. Only a handful of cod were caught. We had a decent showing of the sea bass and scup. Most anglers left the day with a limit of sea bass and a bag full of scup.  Our next sailing day is scheduled for Friday weather premitting at 7am

Monday October 1st

Captain Matt r reported a much better day on the cod grounds. We took the short ride and found some nice healthy cod close to home. The cod were mixed in on some huge piles of scup and sea bass. Many anglers catching limits of sea bass to 5 pounds. Those who wanted to focus on the scup could catch all they wanted. A few dozen cod in the mix with just as many shorts. The next cod trip is scheduled for Wednesday at 7am on the Lady Frances.


There will be no tuna trip tomorrow. The next trip will be on Saturday at 7am for the holiday weekend. This trip is a 3 day trip and we have plenty of room.

We still have some spots available for Fridays blackfish trip.

Sunday September 30th

Captain Matt will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am on the Lady Frances. The weather looks great and we have plenty of room.


Captain Rich reported a decent day on the full day cod boat. Plenty of quality sea bass and scup in the mix. The morning started off with a slow pick of fish and we just kept that slow pick going all day. We had cod on both the anchor and on the drift. We are seeing a little bit slower action on the cod but the ones we are catching are mostly in the 8-12 pound range with the biggest around 15.We think this is due to the massive piles of scup and sea bass on the grounds.

Saturday September 29th

Captain Greg reported a much improved day on full day boat. We had the weather and took the long ride. We found more cod fish then we have been seeing and better quality fish as well. Biggest cod of the day was around 15 pounds with a few in the 8-12 range. Plenty of nice sea bass between 4-5 pounds. Those who used the smaller hooks were treated to plenty of plate filling scup. We will be sailing tomorrow and the weather looks great as well.

Friday September 28th

Captain Matt reported an okay day on the full day boat. We sailed with a light crowd with the rain in the forecast.  It was suppose to be stop by midday but it is still coming down. A small hand full of cod in the mix on the local rockpiles. A decent number of sea bass and those who put the smaller hooks on were treated to good sized scup. We are full stocked with plenty of good bait and the weather tomorrow looks amazing. We will be sailing tomorrow morning at 7am,


The first exploratory  blackfish trip will be next Friday at 7am. We are running a special on the price. this trip will be 70$. this price is only for the first trip. This trip does have to be booked on line. We will be targeting the rockpiles and wrecks for blackfish and sea bass.